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What Matters (2008)

Toe Tappingly Tragic (2009)

Hot Jupiter's 2009 RPM album! Check us out online at www.myspace.com/hotjupiter !

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Hot Jupiter


Hot Jupiter plays awesome rock music that incorporates dynamic shifts in style ranging from all out aggression to more subdued melodies and beats. The band writes catchy hooks and backs up top quality recordings with an awesome stage show that thrives off the energy of their fans old and new. Benefiting from dozens of combined years of stage and recording experience, the players in Hot Jupiter have the musical chops to pull off some impressive passages all the while being slave to the groove. The band is able to adapt songs to play any type of show including rock festivals, acoustic shows, and other types of gigs. In an effort to record original material that had been floating around for years, Hot Jupiter got together in early 2008 and started working on what would become their debut album “What Matters”. The album, submitted for the RPM Challenge, consisted of 10 songs written in the past five years, encompassing pop rock, punk and alternative. From the acoustic-tinged “Double”, to the crushing guitars of “Letter & Leave”, the album was a great reflection of Hot Jupiter’s varied musical influences. In the following months, the band will mostly promote the album online, garnering over 2200 plays on their MySpace profile within a year. Hot Jupiter will also play a handful of live shows, including an opening slot for SoulBomb at Zaphod’s Beeblebrox and more intimate acoustic performances. 2009 will prove to be a busy year for the band, as they have begun recording their new album in January, sporting eight new songs and five reworked tracks off “What Matters”. Be sure to check out Hot Jupiter at their next gig! In the meantime, be sure to visit our official MySpace at www.mypspace.com/hotjupiter for more information about the band and to listen to their latest recordings. Be on the lookout for the new full-length album, coming in early 2009!

Dave Leroux - lead guitar, vocals Jean-Francois Asselin - lead vocals, guitar Kevin Roach - bass, vocals Sal Marchica - drums and percussions




Completed Albums

What Matters(2008)

Ms. Me
What Matters
One Last Teenage Proclamation
Letter and Leave
The Januaries
The Glow (Intro)
The Glow
Who Knew

Toe Tappingly Tragic(2009)

Hot Jupiter's 2009 RPM album! Check us out online at www.myspace.com/hotjupiter !

One Last Teenage Proclamation   Download
What Matters   Download
Ms. Me   (preferred)   Download
Water Falls
Last 1 Of Your Lies
Like Song   Download
Erase / Repeat
Throw Away   Download